For Dr. Cristina Puyat of Asian Stem Cell Institute, her trips to Dresden, beautiful as it is, involved more serious study for her completion of her Master�s Degree in Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine. For two years, she was a student of the Dresden International University under its Masters Studies Program in cooperation with the German Society of anti-Aging Medicine, which was opened to international students beginning in 2007. �I was excited to learn that I could be involved in such a prestigious school.� She said
Dresden, that fair city by the River Elbe in Germany, draws visitors each year for its fascinating architectural heritage, art treasures, world-renowned orchestras and choirs, and a history founded in both the Arts and Sciences. These plus the charming landscape and the relaxing, romantic ambience of the Elbe, truly makes a visit to Dresden an unforgettable experience.
The Master Studies is designed for licensed physicians involved in private practice or public health. It is advanced training for doctors who wish to add the science of preventive medicine to their professional competencies. Doctors who complete the program, including a successful defense of their thesis, are awarded the degree of �Master of Science in Preventive Medicine� which is recognized in Germany and internationally as well.
Preventive and anti-aging medicine is, by its nature, multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary. There are many illnesses and conditions associated with aging. These would include conditions like hypertension, arteriosclerosis and other heart-related diseases, to arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, dementia, and various cancers.
�Additionally, our courses covered studies ranging from stem cell and cellular therapy, to nutritional medicine, to hormone balancing, age management and anti-stress therapies.� She said.
Dr. Puyat of Asian Stem Cell Institute was also encouraged by the camaraderie among the classmates from various countries: Russia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Jordan, United States of America, France, Thailand, Germany, Spain, Greece, England, Lithuania, Qatar, Australia, and of course the Philippines. The eclectic mix of doctors in the Masters Studies Program is also a reflection of the multi-disciplinary nature of preventive medicine.
�Everyone at the DIU was really friendly and we all spoke to one another about our thesis projects, we compared notes, and learned from one another as well,� she says, adding �I created friends that will last a lifetime.�

Know more at the official site of ASCI

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